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Foreign Fighters, Rebel Side, in Syria. 15/Canadians

It was said, in September 2013, one hundred Canadians joined the Syrian jihad, much more than their American counterparts. Some media speak of 3 Canadians who have been killed in Syria, but the authorities have not confirmed the figure. An American filmmaker, Bilal Abdul Kareen, who lived in the midst of an Islamist group for a year, claims to have crossed 20-30 Canadians. According to him, one of them, Abu Muslim, took part in the fighting around Damascus airport in August 20131.

In December, the Canadian government spoke of "dozens" of people who left in Syria, without being more precise. Canada has put on its list of terrorist organizations al-Nosra front in November 2013, and since April 2014, the law was strengthened to prevent candidates to jihad from leaving Canadian soil. Ali Dirie, a member of the terrorist group Toronto 18 (which was dismantled in 2006 in the midst of planning attacks), nevertheless have left to Syria after serving a prison sentence : released in 2011, he died there in September 2013. From Somali origin, born in 1983, Dirie played a visible role in the radicalization of inmates in prison, highlighting the absence of Canadian structure to avoid this process2. Another Canadian, the famous Abu Muslim, appeared in a British documentary filmed in Syria amid an armed group composed mainly of foreign fighters3.

Ali Dirie, vu ici en 2000.-Source :

The first Canadian to die in Syria is probably Jamal Mohamed Abd al-Kader, born and raised in Canada, but from a family of Kurdish origin, who comes from the north-east of Syria4. Became a student, he chose to join the jihad and arrives in Turkey in July 2012. He crossed the border and rallied the brigade Asifat a-Shimal of the Free Syrian Army before joining Ahrar al-Sham. First he fought in Aleppo during the summer and fall of 2012, then joined Damascus in December until his death February 26, 2013. With a student normal course, he was however arrested by the police in December 2010 with two friends in possession of a weapon without a permis5. From July 2011 Thwiba Kanafani, had joined the Syrian rebels, and after several months, had returned to Canada to rally help for jihad.

Jamal Mohamed Abd al-Kader.-Source :

Recently, an American jihadist, Abu Turab Al-Muhajir, announced Abu Muslim died last year in the assault on the Minnagh airbase6. Abu Muslim, aka André Poulin, is used in a recruitment video of ISIS, well after his death in combat, in July 20147. According to him, he might be there 100 Canadians in Syria, which corresponds to high estimate of ISCR. Andre Poulin, that was his real name, was from Ontario, and had converted to Islam in 2009. He comes before justice for threatening his host, a Muslim, because he had an affair with latter's wife. Another Canadian, Damian Clairmont, alias Abu Talha al-Canadi, was also killed in Aleppo. He converted to Islam after a suicide attempt. In November 2012, he announced to his mother that he was going to Egypt to learn Arabic, but the Canadian security thought he joined Syria. He was monitored as it was part of an extremist group in Calgary : it would not have left to Cairo but to Istanbul. He called his mother from Syria in February 20138. He had several names and according to some sources, he joined al-Nosra front. Indeed it would have been injured and executed by FSA fighters9.

Damian Clairmont.-Source :!/fileImage/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/16x9_620/mustafa-al-gharib-damien-clairmont.jpg

In April 2014, another Canadian appear in a propaganda video of ISIS : Mohamed Farah Shirdon, aged 20, a native of Calgary in Alberta. He studied until 2012 at least at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology. In the video, he burns his Canadian passport and threatens Canada and the United States. Shirdon comes from a Somali family quite easy : her father, Abdi Farah Shirdon, is a former Prime Minister of Somalia, which has survived several assassination trials from the Shabaab. Sister and mother of Shirdon live in Calgary and are very involved in religious affairs of their community10. Shirdon is one of the last Canadians identified as having left to fight in Syria, but it is not the only one. Umm Haritha, a young woman of 20 years, leaving Canada in December 2013 with a suitcase half empty and 1,500 dollars, against the advice of his parents, and went to Turkey. A week later, she is wife in Syria with Abu Ibrahim al-Suedi, a Swedish fighter of Palestinian origin who fight for ISIS. On May 5, the Swede died in a kamikaze attack by a fighter of the rival faction of ISIS, al-Nosra. Umm Haritha, on his Twitter account, claims to have joined Syria by conviction. His radicalization date just four months before his departure, when she begins to wear the niqab. Since she is a widow, she lives in Manbij, a town near the Turkish border controlled by ISIS. She published many pictures of everyday life of the city, and even baptize Raqqa, the bastion of ISIS, the "New York of Syria". She does not intend to return in Canada11.

Des femmes portant le niqab photographiées par Umm Haritha à Manjib, en Syrie.-Source :

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